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Welcome to our Prospective Courses page. Currently we are looking for Instructors to teach or facilitate courses, workshops or seminars in many different areas. A small sample of the kind of courses or workshops we offer are outlined below. If you can teach or facilitate any of the courses listed below, please Contact us.  If you have a course or topic  in mind that you can offer but do not see listed below, please let us know as well. We introduce new courses all the time.  Please go to the bottom of this page and submit your Credentials.

    GENERAL, Life Skills & Soft Skills

  1. How to recession proof your career
  2. Parental Guidance - What is right and what is wrong for your teenagers
  3. You got fired  / laid-off. Now what?  Your legal rights, remedies and how far can you take it.
  4. You got fired / laid-off Now what? How to find your next job and how to balance your life.
  5. Computers can be for the elderly too.
  6. Supervisory Skills that Shines.
  7. Introduction to Keyboarding - How to type accurately yet fast.
  8. Negotiation skills - Skills that you wanted to develop so badly
  9. Fashion do’s and don’ts to bring out your inner glamour.
  10. Write your Will - What happens if you do. What happens if you don’t
  11. Effective Communication - Do you know what you said? Do you know what was heard?
  12. Conflict Management in the Family.
  13. Conflict Management at the Workplace.
  14. Self Marketing
  15. Time Management for Success
  16. Public Speaking - Get over that nervousness
  17. Yoga and Aeurveda - The natural way to healthy living.
  18. Dieting, Exercising and Pills - Are you in a loosing game to loose pounds.

  Engineering & Technology Skills

  1. PEO Law and Ethics Exam Preparation
  2. SR & ED tax credit - How can  your company benefit from it
  3. Six sigma, Lean, and the whole nine yard - A comprehensive quality policy
  4. Product Design & Development - The Tradition, The Trend and The Tested

  Healthcare & Life Sciences Skills

  1. Is Personal Support Worker the right career for you
  2. Is Medical Transcriptionist the right career for you

   Business & Accounting Skills

  1. How to remain an effective landlord in a poor economic climate.
  2. Quicken for your home and small business
  3. Quickbooks for your home and small business - Introduction
  4. Quickbooks for your home and small business - Advanced.
  5. Tax deductions for your home / small business
  6. How to start your import / export business in Canada.
  7. Customer care - The art and science of making them happy
  8. Performance Appraisal - Do you really know the stuff for your staff?
  9. Effective Presentation - With or without PowerPoint
  10. Writing Contracts for the Home / Small Business.
  11. Marketing without a marketing budget
  12. Help for the Help Desk Analysi
  13. Sexual Harrassment - Supervisors be aware
  14. Discrimination - Supervisors be aware
  15. Inclusive Leadership for the 21st Century

   Information Technology Skills

  1. Introduction to Computer - Basic Computer Skills
  2. A+ Exam Preparation
  3. Coldfusion - Introduction
  4. Coldfusion - Advanced
  5. Adobe Photoshop  - Introduction
  6. Adobe Photoshop - Advanced
  7. Adobe Illustrator - Introduction
  8. Adobe Illustrator - Advanced
  9. Adbobe Go Live - Introduction
  10. Adobe InDesign - Introduction
  11. Adobe InDesign - Advanced
  12. Microsoft Office 2007 - what’s new and what’s changed
  13. Microsoft Project 2007 / 2003
  14. Microsoft Word 2007 / Word 2003
  15. Microsoft Excel 2007 / Excel 2003
  16. Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 / Powerpoint 2003
  17. Microsoft Visio 2007 / Visio 2003
  18. Microsoft Outlook 2007 / 2003
  19. Microsoft Access 2007 / 2003
  20. Microsoft Publisher 2007 / 2003
  21. Linux vs. Windows - which way is it going and what should I adopt for my business
  22. Introduction to Redhat Linux - Installation, configuration and more
  23. Introduction to Window Vista - Installation, configuration and more.
  24. Computer Crime and Misuse - What a manager should know.
  25. Troubleshooting TCP/IP networks
  26. Introduction to HTML
  27. Advanced HTML, Dynamic HTML
  28. Introduction to Java Programming
  29. Advanced Java Programming
  30. Introduction to Javascript
  31. Advanced Javascript
  32. How to create survey (and other) forms using MS Office
  33. Adobe Acrobat - Introduction
  34. Adobe Acrobat - Advanced
  35. Flash - Introduction
  36. Flash - Advanced
  37. Macromedia Dreamweaver - Introduction
  38. Macromedia Dreamweaver - Intermediate
  39. Macromedia Dreamweaver - Advanced
  40. Cascading Style Sheets - Introduction
  41. Cascading Style Sheets - Advanced
  42. MS Frontpage - Introduction
  43. MS Frontpage - Advanced
  44. Programming in PHP - Introduction
  45. Programming in PHP - Advanced

   Industry & Trade Skills

  1. PLC Programming; Introductory
  2. PLC Prgoramming; Intermediate
  3. Home Inspection - Review and certification
  4. AutoCAD - Introductory
  5. AutoCAD - Intermediate
  6. AutoCAD - Advanced
  7. AutoCAD - Refresher
  8. Patent it yourself - What to do, what not to do, and how to do it

If you feel you can teach or  facilitate any of the above courses or topics or you have a topic of your own, please submit your credentials here --> CREDENTIALS.


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