Instructors / Facilitators     (Contract Positions)


At Skills2Succeed, we are always actively looking for talented and qualified instructors that can make a difference in the lives of people by imparting the knowledge they have acquired through their hard work and experience in this world. How many times we have heard from people that a particular instructor had made a big difference in the life of an individual? In most cases without the teacher or the instructor ever knowing it. It is great that quite often that happens. But when a few years later the student himself or herself comes across this teacher or the instructor, face to face, and conveys that appreciation? It is simply priceless. So, come join us so that you can make a little difference in the lives of those who are waiting for your help.


If you have expertise in any particular area where people could benefit from your knowledge and expertise, then we are looking for you. You could be a highly technical person with a Ph.D. in a specific area or expertise. You could be a Plumber or a Home Renovator or an Electrician with an unique knowledge and expertise in a particular trade or in the area of your business. You could be an Engineer with expertise in the area of a specific CAD software. You could be an Accountant with an unique expertise in tax codes and tax saving skills. You could be a life skills, interview, parenting or an interpersonal communications coach with an already established excellent reputation about your ability to train and guide people in the right direction. You could be an expert in the Health or Dietary fields.


It does not matter what your academic or educational background is. Nor does it matter if you are not an expert in everything. If you are an expert in something, even just one single thing or you are someone who possesses some kind of unique knowledge in a particular subject matter which has demands within our population, and they could benefit from it, then we are looking for you. Please send in your resume and other relevant information by clicking on the corresponding Listing # of the job posting on the Careers page of our website. Please remember you may have to register and/or login first to submit your Credentials.


We create new courses all the time. If you do not see a current job posting, please go to our Prospective Courses page to see if you can teach / instruct / facilitate any of those courses. Whether or not a course is listed there in your expertise area, you can send in your resume / credentials for future positions. 


If you have developed course materials for a particular course, but cannot deliver it yourself, we will be happy to arrange another instructor for the delivery and presentation of the course. If we offer the course to the public, you will earn royalty for it. So please send in your developed course materials for evaluations.